Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Export Maya model in OBJ format and then import it into UV Layout.  C=Cut Seams.  D=Drop Patches.  Shift+Enter=Seperate Patches.  Shift+F=Relax UV's.  Export model with relaxed UV's as OBJ.

Import OBJ with relaxed UV's into ZBrush.  First use brush in Draw mode, then Edit. Save as a tool in ZTL format.  Use Move brush to make large scale changes. Use Sculpt brushes to add finer details to the model.  Shift=Smooth.  These changes will be used to generate a normal map.


Switch to Polypaint to paint on the surface of the model. This will be used to generate a texture. When finished working on the model, switch to Low Rez version. Create Normal Map and Export it. Switch to High Rez, create Texture Map and Export it.

In Maya, use images created in ZBrush for the textures and normal maps in the appropriate shaders.   


Normal Maps